Yin Yang and Muscles

Amman — In this video titled The Balance of the Universe and Muscles, which was originally posted on Amman Post Facebook page on Oct 31st, 2021, yours truly Sayed Farah سايد فرح introduces the concept of periodization and goal setting. I later announce my own goals including trying to win an IFBB Pro Card in 2022 to continue raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle as the best choice to conquer type 2 diabetes.

I also explain in detail why most young men abandon dieting. The illusion of muscle size that most male gym regulars have disappears when they try to diet correctly for the first time which makes them panic.

Sayed Farah سايد فرح Video’s Thumbnail on Palmonday نحو مجتمع صحي Channel

Then I explain my own version of the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet that I adhere to most of the year. I go on to give insights on peaking and overtraining.

Psychological limitations and immaturity as the primary reasons trainers do not progress. The importance of the collective experience of the community is discussed and as an example, the digestion of a meal consumed immediately before bedtime. Research papers’ conclusions can be wrong and the collective experience of the community, if was the complete opposite of those conclusions, should be followed.

I end the video announcing the change of the Facebook page’s name to Amman Post which better suits the Amman Post initiative’s goals to convey the message to the global audience that Jordan is the civilized beating heart of the ancient world.

Palmonday نحو مجتمع صحي