Towards a Healthy Society

Palmonday was founded by Sayed Farah سايد فرح , the national physique champion of Jordan, a senior civil engineer, an editor, a wellness activist, a writer, a certified personal trainer, and the representative of Palmonday’s ”towards a healthy society” نحو مجتمع صحي initiative operating in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The nonprofit initiative is to be owned and operated by Palmonday Teoranta news agency registered in the Republic of Ireland. Palmonday Teoranta is currently applying for charity status in Ireland where Palmonday shall provide its services to the general public in Ireland without any discrimination that is based on sex, age, or ethnicity with the main goal of reducing the occurrence of type 2 diabetes and obesity and thereby reducing the economic burden arising from treating health consequences of the aforementioned diseases.

Palmonday is more than a health initiative, it’s a multi-faceted project that promotes the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and raises awareness of a healthy lifestyle through videos and articles, and the employment of underprivileged women in the refugee camps and Jordanian villages without any discrimination to manufacture luxury clothes with distinctive designs bearing slogans promoting the lifestyle to be offered for sale without profit.

The most important objectives of the initiative are to:
1- Advocate the need to include mental health treatment costs in insurance. The initiative plans to execute the aforementioned through several means such as the procurement of relevant published statistics and hosting events/presentations.

2- Seek to persuade local food producers to develop alternative health products to their best-selling products. The initiative will market those alternative products and in parallel advocate through official channels to reduce or abolish customs on healthy production raw materials and exempt local health products from sales tax and exempt the producing companies from income tax, only on their healthy products, to make healthy products compete with the harmful-to-health alternatives.


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